New Graduate Program

We know that the transition from university to business life can be challenging at times. We are also aware of how important the first steps you will take in the business world are. For this reason; RAMS Turkey is a good starting point for you with its trust-oriented way of doing business, deep-rooted history, the value it adds to people's lives, success story and innovative approaches... As RAMS Turkey, we offer you new experiences that you will experience business life for your professional career.

Internship Program

Our internship programs are a wonderful way of learning about Rams Türkiye and entering the construction sector. It also helps you decide which career is right for you during the internship process. You will be involved in current and upcoming projects according to your interests and skills. You will join a project team and work together with RAMS Turkey employees, all of whom are experts in their fields. You will undergo regular evaluations throughout your internship to make sure you get the most out of this experience.