RAMS Global is the story of a young man from Cizre who set out from his own country and wound up in Kazakhstan. It is a 35-year-old story of hard work, firm belief, guided by moral compass and the principle of fairness.

In the first days of RAMS Global’s operations, my goal was first to make a difference in my own country and then to create value in any business venture I engaged in outside of our boundaries. It was this excitement that motivated me to establish the first chocolate factory in Almaty, foreseeing even at that point that RAMS Global would evolve into a corporation with more than 15,000 employees investing in 6 different sectors. My father’s words from years before had stuck in my mind: “Our past should shed light on our future.”

My past, my roots are tied up with the Historical Silk Road, the crossroads of knowledge, culture and trade… That road is one that transported armies, scholars, ideas, religions and cultures from east to west and from west to east… It was because of this that I, and after me, my sons, found the strength to work hard to add value to all of our areas of business, to our environment and to the community, and we continue to work in the same way.

We are fully aware of our responsibilities toward our own country and toward the countries in which we have invested. We start off each day with the excitement of adding value to our people, our employees, to Nature and to our suppliers. Our responsibilities are now bigger than ever before. We need to work, not only for our family, but for all the thousands of people who have looked up to us as role models, who have grown with us, shared their nearest and dearest with us, broke bread with us–it is for them that we have to work more meticulously and with more sensitivity.

My sons and I, as well as our company’s professional management staff know the value of the treasure-trove we hold. We will continue to take further steps to carry our legacy to the future, compromising none of our values, working tirelessly with enthusiasm and conviction.