RAMS Türkiye is the North Star of Sustainability as it moves towards its target of creating “Livable and Sustainable Cities

Since the first day the company started to act on the concept of creating Sustainable Development in all of its areas of business, it concentrates on the three dimensions involved in achieving this–economics, the environment, and social life

The potential of losing resources to consumption occupies an important place in the economic aspect of sustainability. Because of this, sustainability is always a central issue in the economics of maintaining renewable natural resources. RAMS Türkiye is determined to design houses that produce their own energy.

The environmental aspect of sustainable development is focusing on the carrying capacity of ecosystems and concentrating on biodiversity, protecting natural capital stocks so that they can be transferred to the next generation…

In this context, projects are conducted through a process of first identifying their environmental and social impacts, and then creating measures and reduction plans to bring these impacts to a minimum level.

While doing all this, RAMS Türkiye’s primary goal is “To meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”