RAMS Türkiye strives to create a safe and healthy working environment, determining and implementing the most appropriate working processes in line with our goals, continuing to secure occupational health and safety in compliance with national and international legislation and regulations, adapting a motto of “increasing performance at zero risk.”

The components of our occupational health and safety policy:

  • An approach of “Zero occupational accident and zero occupational disease” and ensuring safe working conditions.
  • Compliance with national and international legislation and regulations on occupational health and safety.
  • Training employees in the subject of occupational health and safety, ensuring their competence in this area and raising their awareness.
  • Taking all measures to deal with hazards to the safety of life and property involving electricity, fire, injury, occupational disease and other dangers, ensuring that such measures are applied and updated.
  • To consider occupational health and safety and legislation in the process of making new investments.
  • To create a safe, healthy and ergonomic workplace to eliminate the risk of occupational accidents and occupational disease on the field.
  • Improve current investments and working environments to reduce occupational health and safety risks to a minimum.
  • By ensuring the participation of all ranks at the company as well as stakeholders, adopting an approach of continuous improvement in our occupational health and safety operations.
  • To use appropriate technological equipment for occupational health and safety.