Just as we were beginning to have high hopes for the future as we came out of the pandemic, we had to face the cold reality of a war right in our midst. The question of how and when the world economy would steer away from the effects of the pandemic was now joined by the trepidation concerning when markets would recuperate from the turmoil they had been thrown into by the war. There are no words to express our emotions in these precarious times. All of humanity was concentrated on overcoming the pandemic. Now all the mothers in the world were praying for the end of the fighting

Grew in Kazakhstan and quickly returned “home”!

The entrepreneur Ramazan Bülbül started off in business when he was a child in Cizre. He has engaged in business in Kazakhstan since the 1990’s and his company RAMS Global, which he manages with his three sons, has completed projects in more than 55 countries. The company has now turned its attention to the revitalized real estate market in Turkey. Having completed a hospital and a residential project in Turkey, the company will be investing 250 million dollars in two residential projects this year.


As one of Kazakhstan’s 3 largest companies, Rams Global has simultaneously launched 3 projects in Turkey. The company will be working on a hotel in Bodrum, 600 homes in Fikirtepe, and a 1000-apartment complex in Bahçelievler.

A Turkish company that has produced 12,000 homes in Kazakhstan has now turned its face to Istanbul…

Having produced thousands of homes in Kazakhstan, the Turkish company says, “Now it’s time to invest in our own country.” Acquiring real estate in major locations, RAMS will be developing projects in Istanbul, Bodrum and Antalya. It will make an investment of 250 million dollars for two residential projects in Istanbul that will be built on land belonging to old factories.