Just as we were beginning to have high hopes for the future as we came out of the pandemic, we had to face the cold reality of a war right in our midst. The question of how and when the world economy would steer away from the effects of the pandemic was now joined by the trepidation concerning when markets would recuperate from the turmoil they had been thrown into by the war. There are no words to express our emotions in these precarious times. All of humanity was concentrated on overcoming the pandemic. Now all the mothers in the world were praying for the end of the fighting
Speaking of mothers’ prayers, I just remembered a sweet memory that CEO Devran Bülbül of Rams Global Türkiye, one of Kazakhstan’s top 3 construction companies, related to us about his mother, Explaining that their first investment in Turkey was the hospital they opened in their native town Gaziantep, Bülbül spoke of how the whole family had been excited about the event. He related the interesting conversation he had with his mother at that time: “We have almost 30 years of experience in the construction sector in Kazakhstan. Up until now, the magnitude of our construction projects has surpassed 2.5 million square meters. But we are very excited about our operations in Turkey. So much so that my mother said to me at the opening of the hospital in Gaziantep, ‘I didn’t even know how to pray,’ she said. ‘If I prayed for the hospital to be teeming with people, how could I wish something like that on the people? If I prayed that no one would come to the hospital, I would be denying all the work you put into it.’ In the end my mother said, ‘I just prayed that the people who came to the hospital would recover safely.’ We were flying the Turkish flag proudly in Kazakhstan. Now we are proud to be investing in our own country.”

Bülbül continued to explain that as part of their investment plans in Turkey, they were intending to complete the half-finished 600-home urban renewal project that they had taken over in Ümraniye and deliver the units to their owners in June, even if the company suffered a loss by doing so. Bülbül also said they were working on 3 new residential projects in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Bülbül added that Rams Global had the human resources to engage in construction everywhere in the world, saying, “We work in different countries just so we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. For example, we just started a new residential project in Thailand. As in all of our other projects, our project in Pukhet is funded with our equity capital. We plan to invest in places that give us joy. One example is the German market, which is where we are looking for opportunities. We start a project only if we have enough equity; it is only then that we get the courage to open up into new countries.

RAMS Global Türkiye CEO Devran Bülbül added that in June, they would be delivering the 700-home project that they had taken over in the urban renewal process at Şerif Ali Neighborhood in Fikirtepe. He continued, “No one wanted to touch the project. Right now the 65-70-year old victims of the urban renewal project watch the construction with tears in their eyes.”

Source: SABAH