In all its construction and real estate projects, RAMS Türkiye offers all its private customers a comfortable, sustainable, economic, eco-friendly and socially oriented living space.

Working from a starting point of creating “Livable and Sustainable Cities,” RAMS Türkiye launches projects that have been designed with people, the environment and economic living in mind.

The real estate projects that RAMS Global has undertaken have  produced, time and time again over the years, a high degree of added value in terms of return on investment for private clients, the residents of the region, and for neighboring ventures. In doing this, the company has unquestionably enriched the urban landscape and the lives of individuals and the community with each project it has undertaken.

In the past 10 years, RAMS Türkiye has successfully completed 55 projects, representing an area of 2.5 million square meters. These figures point to the strong leadership position of the company in Kazakhstan’s construction and real estate sector.

RAMS Türkiye has so far reliably delivered more than 20,000 homes to their customers. The company has 13 projects currently ongoing in Kazakhstan.

Pursuing construction and real estate projects simultaneously in Almaty and in Türkiye, the company is presently in the process of developing a total of 3 projects in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Fairness and accountability being among the company’s fundamental values, these factors are the essence of RAMS Türkiye’s culture of doing business in the construction sector. The company conducts all of its processes with suppliers and sub-contractors in an ecosystem based on trust and reliability.

Beyond implementing the latest contemporary architectural and engineering concepts in all of its projects, the company has also adopted a “new generation engineering” model featuring advanced high tech disciplines.