RAMS Türkiye’s groundbreaking took place under the leadership of Ramazan Bülbül of Gaziantep. In those days, Ramazan Bülbül started off on his journey, aiming to build something that had not as yet been built in Gaziantep. Bülbül’s industriousness, vision and enthusiasm soon led to a great accomplishment in Gaziantep and so he rolled up his sleeves to carry this success outside of the boundaries of Turkey.


The journey Ramazan Bülbül started off on as a military adventure has today turned into the creation of one of the most prominent construction and real estate corporations in Almaty–RAMS Kazakhstan. Seeking to do what no one had done before, Ramazan Bülbül established Almaty’s first chocolate factory, setting the groundwork for a success story that would carry on over the years in the region.                                                                Ramazan Bülbül brought to Kazakhstan many other novelties besides the chocolate factory. In the second half of the 1990’s, he ventured to complete a half-completed building project, taking his first step into the construction and real estate sector.

Developing and realizing all stages of many projects up until the beginning of the 2000’s–the road leading from plots of land to construction–RAMS Kazakhstan began to prove itself not only in Kazakhstan but also in the region and neighboring areas. 


Today, it is the second generation of the family who is in management, sharing the responsibility and accelerating the company’s activities in the construction, real estate and services sector. In the last 10 years, RAMS Kazakhstan has created meaningful urban value with its 55 projects amounting to an area of 2.5 million square meters.

The real estate projects that RAMS Global has undertaken have time and time again over the years produced a high degree of added value in terms of return on investment for private clients, the residents of the region as well as for neighboring ventures. In doing this, the company has unquestionably enriched the urban landscape and the lives of individuals and the community with each project it has undertaken.


With the inauguration of LIV Hospital in Gaziantep, the company turned its eyes to Turkey, preparing to develop other value-added projects, this time for Turkey.

Aiming to increase its investments in quality hospital projects in the health sector in the coming period, RAMS Global not only added value to the healthcare sector with the opening of LIV Hospital in 2020, it also created significant employment opportunities in this context.

The hospital was inaugurated during the pandemic; It has a bed capacity of 258 for general treatment, 93 intensive care beds and 9 operating rooms equipped with robotic technology. The institution earned the great admiration and appreciation of the community.